Monday, September 26, 2011

Weather Obsessed

I’ve been a little obsessed with the weather in the past few weeks, ever since I caught a whip of fall in late August. (Yes, I can smell fall. It’s a gift.) I’m eager to move the writing operation out onto the porch where I can catch a breeze and see the birds at the feeders.

Over the weekend the weather folks began pitching what wonderful weather we were going to have for the first of October. Sunday morning they were saying temps would be in the mid 80s. By Sunday night, the estimate had gone up to 86 or 87. This morning they were saying 88 or 89. My question: How is this fall? Even in Florida, nearly 90 is not autumn.

I have to cut them some slack, though. They seem to be as desperate for fall to come as I am. Since this was the third hottest Florida summer on record, I feel their pain.

I suppose I must be patient. I promise, though, that I will not be one of those people who complains about cold weather during the winter.

Unless it freezes. Then, all bets are off!

Happy writing.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in the Saddle

We got some much-needed rain in Central Florida. This morning everything is washed clean in more colors of green than you can count. Still hot (expecting 90s) but not so humid. That’s fall where I live.

Last night I took some time to scout out where I am in my various projects and realized I’d gotten behind on my goals for the year. Delusions of grandeur had me thinking that I’d be preparing The Cowboy Way for submission at about this time, but alas, it came in second in the Touch of Magic Contest and the editor who read the finalists only ranked them and did not comment—and also did not ask to see any of the manuscripts.

One of my Noodler sisters gave me the idea of writing a novella about the settling of fictitious Gosford (where all the action takes place) and I’ve spent way too much time thinking about that. I’m also preparing for NaNoWriMo and spending a lot of time plotting what will happen when Lindsay Palmer and Shadow Markham are thrown together at Tucker Richmond’s rodeo school.

Who are these people, you ask?  Stay tuned…

Happy writing.